Artist – Title Album Date
Mutha Funky Ship
Food For Thought 1993 Face the Peril Music
Jen X
Nature’s Treat 1996 Umbo Gumbo Music
Danna Aliano
Deal With You
Ripe 1997 Warner Bros.
C U Never
Existence Street 1998 Total Entropy Music
Crazy Fingers
For Your Love
Legalize Happiness 1999 Crazy Fingers
Family Soul
Love Is
B Love 1999 B Love Publishing
Elisa Taylor
Supe Espar
Anos Dos Mil Llego! 2000 EGT Music
Freedom Tribe
God Goddess 
Alive! 2000 Freedom Tribe
Rave On
Inversion Layer
Ceciba Compilation 2000 Ceciba Records
TAO w/Veronica
One Tribe
 (drum and bass tracks)
One Tribe 2000 Tantra Productions
Unbridled Mirth
Mysterious Pleasures 2000 Bootzie Music
Lost At Last (live) Lost At Last 2001 RCA / Windam Hill